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new look!

coming at ya on 7.15.22 ;; loved on by fb

Do you love it? I love it! I'm so stupidly out of practice but there's something SO friggin' amazing about getting into the guts of some silly, crappy css. I'm still tweaking, making some EMOTES that I might release once they're done. I forgot how much fun this is. :)

sixteen tons

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I suppose there's something to be said for working until you drop but I'm old and I'm just not here for it. I haven't blogged regularly in over a decade simply because I can't find the time. I don't even remember how to do this? I don't know how life's supposed to go but this ain't it.

It's been an age

coming at ya on 7.13.22 ;; loved on by fb

It's so weird to be blogging again on a site like this. I'm sort of wondering if I can cutenews the crap out of it because I hate using online html editors for some strange reason. Anyway, I'm not sure if I'm going to go on and keep this but I suppose we'll see. Using a VERY old template I made some 14 years ago as a guide and I kinda love it. Where'd my damn creativity go?